Product Specifications & Performance Data

Marine Fenders International, Inc. manufactures the Ocean Barrier™ foam filled floating barrier system exclusively.  The Ocean Barrier™ floating barrier system design is the finest foam-filled security barrier system constructed in the world today.  The Ocean Barrier™ exemplifies state-of-the-art technology in security barrier design, quality, and function like the highly regarded Ocean Guard™ netless foam filled fender.  The Ocean Barrier™ construction consists of:

  • A heat laminated 100% closed cell foam core that is high energy absorbing, with a low reaction force, and cannot be ruptured. This fabrication process uses no adhesives, which decomposes after time, therefore making the Ocean Barrier™ superior in quality, durability, and function.
  • The Ocean Barrier™ skin is constructed of tough and thick nylon filament reinforced polyurethane skin, which provides unsurpassed strength.  The skin’s nylon tire cord is applied in a helix pattern during the coating that embeds the filament into the skin.  This advanced process makes the Ocean Barrier™ skin extremely durable to all types of weather, forces, and marine conditions.
  • The internal chain is a heavy-duty stud link chain that internally connects the integral swivel end fittings.  The internal chain guarantees maximum pull-through strength, even distribution of energy and stresses.
  • Each Ocean Barrier™ element is connected to each other by heavy-duty swivel hardware.

The Ocean Barrier™ can be used as a physical barrier or to mark specific zones.  Marine Fenders International, Inc. works with the customer to create the Ocean Barrier™ that is custom to their needs in size, shape, color, and design.  Other Marine Fenders International, Inc. products can be used in conjunction with the Ocean Barrier™ like the Ocean Buoy™ and Ocean Donut™ to create a total Ocean Barrier™ floating system.  The Ocean Barrier™ is designed for use in military facilities, ports, harbors, ships, and private facilities.  The Ocean Barrier™ is rugged yet burst-resistant and extremely safe.  The Ocean Barrier™ can be installed easily and is an extremely effective security barrier.  The Ocean Barrier™ provides a highly physical deterrent, therefore providing maximum security and safety for your marine assets.   The Ocean Barrier™ elastomer skin and closed cell foam construction do not require air pressure or corrosion maintenance, making it the latest and most advanced foam filled barrier system available today.  The Ocean Barrier™ floating barrier system is “ENGINEERED FOR EXCELLENCE.”