Marine Fenders International, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of Marine Fenders and Buoys for the US Navy and other Navies. Our design and engineering team works closely with naval personal, engineering companies, and contractors to provide the best solutions and protect these vital assets. 

Our team also assists by in the writing the appropriate specifications for these products to help ensure the Navy acquires the necessary product required and that is it constructed correctly.  Members of our team have participated in various Navy, ASTM, and other specification writing committees.  Additionally, many of our products are specified on Navy procurements and projects.

For this industry, we provide a wide range of products, including:

Pearl Harbor Ocean Camels Ocean Guard™ Netless Foam Filled Fenders Mooring Buoys

Below is a list of the various global Naval Forces we have provided products, that include but are not limited to:

  • US Navy, Coast Guard and Army Corps of Engineers
  • The Royal Canadian Navy
  • Armada de Chile
  • Armada de Spain
  • The Hellenic Navy
  • United Arab Emirates Navy
  • The Republic of Korea Navy
  • The German Navy
  • The Royal Navy of Morocco 
  • The Israeli Navy
  • The Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force
  • The Republic of Singapore Navy
  • The Brazilian Navy
  • The Pakistan Navy
  • The Turkish Naval Forces
  • The Peruvian Navy
  • The Royal Thai Navy
  • The Indonesian Navy
  • The Egyptian Navy
  • The Mexican Navy
  • The Italian Navy


To learn more about our capabilities and solutions for navy applications, contact us or request a quote today.