Since its founding, Marine Fenders International has recognized the importance of being a responsible member of its community, and this vision remains in place today for the company as well as its employees, customers, and partners across the globe.

An integral part of this vision to develop, build and market environmentally friendly products.  A key component is Marine Fenders International’s implementation of environmentally friendly manufacturing technology.

Our engineering and technical staff continually research and development is focused in developing greener materials and processes.

Examples include:

  • Solvent-free urethane elastomers for marine fender, buoy, and port-security-barriers construction
  • Adhesive free (solvent-free) foam core construction
  • Solvent-free Elastomeric coatings for the protection of timber and steel pilings.  These materials also provide encapsulation of chemically treated timbers and pilings.
  • Alternative buoy technology to traditional steel buoys reducing steel corrosion and  hazardous coatings