Marine Fenders International, Inc. is on the cutting edge of marine fendering and buoyancy system technologies. As a driving force in the marine industry, Marine Fenders International’s advancements in polyurethane elastomers, critical components in any composite buoy or fender system, are unparalleled in strength and durability. MFI’s staff has over 30 years of experience in the marine and polyurethane industries, which challenges the competition to keep up with our ever-increasing standards of excellence through relentless research and technological innovation and application.

Byproducts of MFI’s experience are the efficient manufacturing processes and facility. These have been designed to provide the highest quality yet lowest cost products in the world. Additionally, our mechanical and chemical engineering staff’s Research and Development programs constantly reevaluate these processes through constant and critical analysis. New products and designs are continuously being developed to meet today’s changing marine industrial needs. Marine Fenders International, Inc. is a member of the American Standard and Testing Methods (ASTM) Fendering Task Group which is responsible for authoring the next generation of marine fendering specifications. The ASTM organization has recognized the value of MFI’s experience and highly regard our opinion as these standards are being established.