Marine Fenders International, Inc, engineers and manufactures a variety of solutions and products for endless commercial applications. 

These applications include:

  • Container Terminals
  • Shipyards
  • Ferry Terminals
  • Dredging Operations
  • Ship to Ship bunkering
  • Fishing Operations
  • Dry Docks
  • Commercial Vessel Operations

Our Ocean Guard™ netless foam-filled fenders were utilized for the dredging operations for the construction of the World Islands of Dubai. The Ocean Guards™ were used in the open sea operations to provide standoff between the dredging vessel and barges. 

Commercial Industry - Marine Fenders International, Inc.

Our robust custom and standard designed buoys provide dependable operations in the world’s harshest environments such as the Mildred Lake in Alberta, Canada. The Ocean Guard Cylindrical Buoy was designed into a unique application where the lake freezes over during the winter. The buoys kept deicing bubblers at a certain water depth, thus maintaining a clear path for operations.

Commercial Industry 2

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