Product Specifications & Performance Data

Marine Fenders International, Inc. offers a wide variety of floatation, buoyancy, and structural foam materials. Our foam materials are available in a variety of materials and densities.

Our urethane foam products are available in a variety of densities in 2 part pour kits, 2 part spray kits, and pre-cast billets.

Our cross-linked polyethylene foams are also available in a variety of densities either in rolls or buns.

Marine Fenders International, Inc. chemical engineers are second to none, with decades of formulating experience. Our engineers will work with our customers to design a specific product and formula that meets their specifications and constructed of top-quality materials. Our designs and products are state-of-the-art using the latest and most advanced technology.

Marine Fenders International, Inc. staff, service, products, and facilities are all “ENGINEERED FOR EXCELLENCE.”