Marine Fender International, Inc. manufactures the Ocean Cushion™ netted style fender exclusively. The Ocean Cushion™ netted fender design is the finest and toughest foam-filled fender constructed in the world today that meets the needs of all marine environments. The Ocean Cushion™ exemplifies state-of-the-art technology, design, and function. The Ocean Cushion™ netted construction consists of:

  • A superior external chain and aircraft tire net constructed exclusively with aircraft tires, heavy-duty rubber tubing, and chains that are connected at every intersection with a shackle. This is the key element in the Ocean Cushion™ unsurpassed strength and resilience.
  • The Ocean Cushion™ skin is constructed of tough and thick nylon filament reinforced polyurethane skin. The skin also has a nylon tire cord applied in a helix pattern during the coating that embeds the filament into the skin. This advanced process makes the Ocean cushion™ skin extremely durable to all types of weather, forces, and marine conditions.
  • The Ocean Cushion™ has a heat laminated 100% closed cell foam core that is energy absorbing and cannot be ruptured. This fabrication process uses no adhesives, which decomposes with time – therefore making the Ocean Cushion™ superior in quality, durability, and function.

Today’s ports, environments, and commerce are increasing their demands on marine fenders to perform, last, and protect. The Ocean Cushion™ meets all these needs. The Ocean Cushion™ foam-filled fender reduces port, dock, structure, and ship maintenance costs. Marine Fenders International, Inc. will work closely with the customer to create the perfect custom and versatile fender for their exact needs.  The Ocean Cushion™ is rugged yet burst-resistant and extremely safe. The Ocean Cushion™ can be installed simply and is constructed to current US Navy and US Coast Guard specifications making it the latest and most advance netted style foam filled fender available today. The Ocean Cushion™ netted fender is “ENGINEERED FOR EXCELLENCE.”