SHD Marine Fender

Product Specifications & Performance Data


Marine Fenders International, Inc. manufactures the Ocean Guard™ SHD-Small Heavy Duty foam filled fender exclusively.  The Ocean Guard™ SHD design is the finest foam-filled fender constructed in the world today.  The Ocean Guard™ SHD foam filled fender exemplifies state-of-the-art technology in fendering design and functionality.

The Ocean Guard™ SHD fenders construction consists of:

  • A heat laminated 100% closed cell foam core that is high energy absorbing, with a low reaction force, and cannot be ruptured. This fabrication process uses no adhesives, which decomposes with time – therefore making the Ocean Guard™ SHD superior in quality, durability, and function.
  • The Ocean Guard™ SHD skin is constructed of tough and thick nylon filament reinforced polyurethane skin, which provides unsurpassed strength.  The skin’s nylon tire cord is applied in a helix pattern during the coating that embeds the filament into the skin.  This advanced process makes the Ocean Guard™ SHD skin extremely durable to all types of weather, forces, and marine conditions.
  • The integral swivel end fittings provide a secure point of attachment without obstructing, even when the fender is compressed.  The fittings are constructed of top-quality steel.
  • The internal chain is a heavy-duty stud link chain that internally connects the integral swivel end fittings.  The internal chain guarantees maximum pull-through strength and an even distribution of energy and stresses.

As the world’s commerce gets smaller, higher demands on ports are made to provide safer berthing operations.  The Ocean Guard™ SHD foam-filled fender reduces port, dock, ship, vessel, and structure maintenance costs.  Marine Fenders International, Inc. will work closely with the customer to create a custom and versatile fender for their exact needs.  The Ocean Guard™ SHD is rugged yet burst-resistant and extremely safe.  The Ocean Guard™ SHD can be installed simply and is constructed to the current US Navy and US Coast Guard specifications making it the latest and most advanced small heavy-duty foam filled fender available today.  The Ocean Guard™ SHD foam filled fender is “ENGINEERED FOR EXCELLENCE.”